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Lesson planning is important as it can help you with tracking both the progress of the learner and help you as the teacher improve your class delivery methods, keeping in mind that it should be a loose structure to refer to while teaching a class as opposed to a strict plan to follow along with. The planning should be backed up by making sure equipment is working, being in class to greet students when they arrive and having additional plans in place should things not go according to the initial plan keeping in mind the goals you want the learners to achieve by the end of the lesson.This lesson explained the ESA teaching format and a number of teacher theories, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. ESA stands for Engage Study Activate. This is the preferred teaching method of ITTT. It strengths are that is creates an environment that opens the mind to active study of a language and its use. I learned that it is important to be careful how you correct and when you correct. I also learned the uses of a number of different teaching methods and that which you chose depends on you, your students, and the emphasis you want to focus on during a particular lesson.