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Unit 7 was brief but not unimportant. In it, the topics of teaching vocabulary, grammar structures, and language function were covered. Each was defined, followed by what the student must know about them, a list of different exercises possible to use during the Engage, Study, or Activate stage, and also an example lesson plan. The lesson plans provided, showed a straight arrow ESA structure, a boomerang structure, and a patchwork structure, providing the reader with a good review of possible ways to orient an ESA lesson plan.In this unit we learned how to deal with the productive skills: speaking and writing. We went through various activities that will help with the speaking skill, such as controlled activities, guided activitues, creative communication and how to encourage interaction.finally we were given an example of an arrow EASY lesson. We also learned wha5 to take in consideration when teaching the writing skills : handwriting, spelling layout and punctuation and crea5ive writing. Finally we were given an exam0le of ESA activity lesson.