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This unit focuses on the basic \"ins-and-outs\" of English grammar. It provides a clear breakdown on the basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, gerunds, pronouns, etc. This unit mentions that as native English speakers, we may not be entirely aware of all of the terms used or may not have learned about them in school, even though we tend to use them almost perfectly every day of our lives. It was nice to get a refresher because many of these terms were only covered briefly, if at all, in high school and college.Unit 5 was about planning lessons. The basic principles of planning a lesson are to keep it simple and don't try to script a lesson. This was important because inexperienced teachers could try and script out the entire class and not plan ahead for problems that could occur. Having a back up plan is vital to teaching. There is no one way a lesson should be written down or carried out but there are requirements we can look at to filter our lesson plans and ensure we have enough time for everything we planned. Being flexible is also very important.