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There are many different methodologies that teachers can employ to effectively teach students, however, with so many different approaches it is not clear which is best to use. Teachers must base this decision around individual circumstances. Personality, culture and level of the students plays a part in this decision. Each methodology has its pros and cons, but universally all students need as much exposure to the language as possible, input from the teachers, low anxiety and stress and encouragement to effectively engage in lessons.I found this unit quite easy to complete. The suggestions for lesson plans around vocabulary, grammatical structures and language structures were useful and I would certainly refer back to these notes when planning such lessons. I like the suggestions given for games, activities that sound quite fun. I like the idea of compartmentalising lessons into sections of the language, rather than teaching vocabulary, structure, tenses, etc etc all at the same time. I found that type of lesson difficult to consolidate when learning French.