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Seeing these two examples of different teaching habits and strategies really illustrated for me what makes an effective teacher. Teachers need to be engaging the students, otherwise little or none of the course material will be absorbed or learned. Building a report with the students and showing them that you as the teacher are interested are both very important. Also including all of the students in the lesson and giving positive reinforcement for active participation helps create a better atmosphere in the classroom.This unit was useful for describing the intricacies of the future tenses' aspects. I hadn't been aware previously of confusions learners might face when using the future tense and the present tense. (For instance, the present tense and the present continuous could have future applications). Once again, because the unit could categorize the forms, usage, errors and suggestions for each aspect of this tense - it has been easy to understand the future tense, not only for personal use, but for teaching purposes especially.