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As a teacher, I may have very different types of classes, so that the way of teaching must be changed considering the different needs of the classes. We have considered four types of classes, the beginners, an individual student, the children and a class of business english. Under this four big categories there are also many differences, for example there are the absolute beginner and the false beginner, the young beginner and the adult beginner... but the unit has given the right principles that can be applied in every situation.This unit compares and contrasts authentic and created materials. By providing samples of created materials, teachers are able to come up with more interesting lesson plans. The unit also examines both the advantages and disadvantages of using a coursebook. Flexible usage of coursebook is necessary to follow a progressive lesson plan that is both structured and engaging. In order to use the textbook with a maximum effect, teachers must omit unnecessary parts, replace, use supplemental materials, and adapt to the level of students.