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Practice and learning with feedback is very fundamental to determine the progress of a learner.It assist the teacher to identify areas of opportunity in students, ensures that the class has a sense of direction and moving at the same pace of understanding.Progress test are the most commonly used to measure students progress in majority teaching institutions as it gives a clear indication what progress are students making in each level and topic.This is a very interesting unit and mostly used in most teaching situations and i also find it more appropriate in any kind of setup.the lesson was straight forward but their was a problem with the overall lesson design. There was not a clear indication of where the video content for receptive skills was. The video introduced itself as the lesson on Productive Skills but the lesson plan download was for receptive skills. I ended up deciding to completely write out the Productive skills lesson and do the test based on that. Halfway through the video, the Receptive skills portion was introduced. I then completed it and the download. The video should be broken down to its 2 components or else legibly labled.