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Teaching special groups unit tells us about different groups of students we may face during our teaching career. For each of this group we should be able to adjust our approach, material, teaching style, and we may face different kind of challenges. In this chapter there is described teaching of beginners, Individuals, children, teaching business English, and teaching monolingual and multilingual classes. For each of those groups withing this unit, teachers received advice about how to plan, what material to use, how to maintain class discipline, and suitable activities for each.This last unit it is, in fact, important as well. Usually, students get nervous with the word \"test\" or \"exam\" but the teacher has a crucial roll in this matter. It is important to test students, for the teacher to know their level and also to identify their weaknesses although there are also ways of presenting a \"test\" or \"exam\" to the students. There are many types of testing and it is also up to the teacher (most of the times) which type of test will be given to the students. It could be from a simple diagnostic test, practice test, placement test and also progress test.