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This unit discusses the difference between accuracy and fluency and also gives activities that can be used to encourage speaking and writing skills. The unit discusses issues specific to writing such as handwriting, spelling, punctuation etc. In my country the teachers in secondary school are focused on grammar and writing too much. Thats why most of the students can not communicate on English after graduation. The unit also looks at how games can be used in the classroom. It encouraged me to think about how to adapt different games for different language points.Unit 12 on productive skills taught me how to teach speaking and writing skills. Some of the points in the lesson were new to me, such as the different between fluency and accuracy based speaking activities. Because of this, the unit was particularly helpful as I learned many ways to teach language through speaking and writing activities. The list of various speaking activities was very useful. The writing section was also valuable as it taught me how to make a fun and interesting creative writing activity, such as the cartoon strip lesson introduced in the unit.