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This unit prepares ideas of what to expect or think about when preparing a lesson on vocabulary, grammar, or language functions. For example, when expecting to go over a vocabulary lesson some things to consider in relation to the student is how appropriate the lesson is to the student or how appropriate the lesson is to the task that will accompany the lesson. Some other things to think about are how to relay the meaning, the use, the forms & patterns, or the spoken & written form of the topic being taught.I liked the importance that this unit placed on both having a textbook and also using supplementary material. I appreciated that the unit mentions how the textbook isn't infallible, and sometimes teachers could skip or replace material to better meet the needs of her students. In other situations, however, the textbooks is sufficient, so paying attention to the needs of the class is very important. I also appreciated the list of commonly created materials and information on other links that would be helpful.