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This gave an overview on the different materials available for teachers to use in the classroom. While authentic materials can be quite useful, as they allow the students to engage with real-world English materials, it can also potentially be too difficult for the students to grasp. So authentic materials must be balanced with created materials as well as textbooks. Textbooks provide a solid foundation, but the teacher should provide supplementary material to maintain student interest and develop a more customized lesson plan that suits the needs of that particular class level.I do feel that it is very important for us to take all of these problems into consideration. I am teaching in a multilingual class and do find some of these problems, e.x. some of the Chinese children do not understand anything I am saying, so reading, or listening is not an option, although all the other children have at least some sort of English. I do find it challenging and also interesting to make sure all my students do get something out of the lesson, and by reading this unit it makes me feel confident to know these are problems every English teacher faces at some point.