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The future tenses are one of the most difficult tenses to understand and teach, it is extremely complex. It consists of 7 tenses:The future simple,The future continuous, The future perfect, The future perfect continuous, Be going + infinitive , The present simple and The present continuous. Be going + infinity and The present continuous tenses are the most frequently used. The present simple and present continuous are normally used as present tenses but also have future applications. The teaching ideas in each section helped a great deal to feel comfortable with each section.In this unit, I learned how to arrange a class in different situations. I need to consider different types of problems incur in every situation and careful planning in every arrangement I need to do. Keen observation in this part is very crucial as for you are ensuring the most convenient and relaxing environment of the whole class to get an effective and productive result. Patience is also another key here because everyone must be involve and everyone has his or her own personalities. Adjustment need time and space before setting a perfect arrangement and perfect method to use.