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A very important task for every teacher whether experienced or not is to have a lesson plan ready, I've been really good at improvising my lessons, since I have that ability and interpersonal skills it worked most of the time, yet some other times I would find myself all over the place. Having a good lesson plan prevents that, adds a logical sequence, creates a record and helps with future lesson planning as well. I've gained good insight on how to properly plan a lesson, and the template provided is extremely useful.I FEEL AS THOUGHT COURSE BOOKS ARE IMPORTANT, ESPECIALLY FOR FIRST TIME TEACHERS. THIS GIVES THEM A GUIDE TO WHAT THEY SHOULD BE TEACHING AND TO WHAT THE STUDENTS SHOULD BE LEARNING. BUT IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT FOR THE TEACHERS TO PROVIDE SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL. THIS MAKES THE LESSONS FUN. IT IS NOT ALWAYS FUN JUST COPYING AND DOING EXERCISES IN A BOOK, WHICH I HAVE SEEN SOME TEACHERS DO, AND HAVE HAD TEACHERS DO THAT TO ME IN SCHOOL. I BELIEVE SUPPLEMENTAL, CREATIVE MATERIAL SHOULD GO HAND IN HAND WITH THE COURSE BOOK.