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First lessons ? Establish a rapport with the students ? Find out about the student so you can cater lessons to student interests ? Find out about the students? needs and aspirations with English ? Find out the English level of each student Warm up activities ? Hangman and Pictionary. These can be used to revise vocabulary or introduce new words ? Tongue twisters ? Memory games. Students build on a sentence and have to remember what the previous student said.Future tenses are a very difficult aspect of English grammar. There are a number of different ways that you can talk about the future. There are four future tenses but we can also use several other ways to talk about the future without using a future tense, and their usage is very common. Using present tenses to express the future and many overlaps can be very confusing for the students, so we should do a lot of tasks with them to learn how to use the future tenses properly.