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In this unit we are looking at all of the above structures in very details.There are normally a number of forms available for what you want to say.The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language.So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings.We have the seven most common are as follows:the future simple,the future continuous,the future perfect,the future perfect continuous,be going +infinitive,the present simple,and the present continuous.The last two tenses are normally used as present tenses,but also have future applications.This unit is about how to conduct the first lesson of an english teaching course. It provides ice breaking games and ways that the teacher can give a good first impression and build rapport. It reiterated other unit lessons on best learning methods, particularly with how to approach a class with varying levels of student knowledge. Some suggestions were made in regards to balancing out different levels through, specifically through pairing strong students with weaker students in order to accelerate the learning of weaker students and facilitate inter-student learning.