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I learned a lot from this unit because I did not realize there were so many different tenses to express the future time. I thought that there were just going to be four different tenses just like the other two times. Yet in this one there is the present simple and continuous that can also be used to have future meaning. I also learned from the 'going to' future tense as well. This will help me to understand the intricacies of the English language all the more.I have enjoyed this unit the least so far. Native speakers should be aware of the present tenses and when to use them. Non native speakers do learn all of it at school (when and how to use the tenses). If non native speakers want to teach English, they absolutely should know the tenses. The test can be finished without even reading the unit. I would rather learn how to teach the tenses than learn about the tenses. Examples and tips for teachers would be great.