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Test and evaluation is the process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing,the result are evaluated to assess progress of design,performance,supportability etc.It is very useful to ask the students to evaluate their course by means of a questionnaire or guided discussion.The teachers can ask the students wether they feel that they are getting enough grammar,if the balance of skills work is right ,the results of the survey then can be discussed and future lessons considered in the light of students comments.Sourcing books and materials for the class is individual to each teacher and their method of teaching. There are many workbooks to use and ideas online that can help create and plan a class depending on level, needs and plan for each day. The Boomerang ESA class is challenging as it has the different stages and i am still not 100% confident in those stages. More practice and preparation required. Of course a good course book would help with that and getting more examples online and from books to assist with planning correctly and understanding the teaching structure.