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This was an especially tricky unit, and well worth the effort to study it. It is true that tenses can be overwhelming, and taking this units in as they are broken down has been extremely helpful. I have learned so much with all the material that has been presented, but this one is just down to structure. With this unit, you have to be cognizant of how the sentence is formed to be able to accurately identify the structure and tense. Like I said, it was especially tricky to determine the tenses but with time and study it will get much easier.This unit has provided me with some strong, concrete examples of materials I can use in the classroom, and what to consider as a new teacher when I receive course materials from the school I work for. The biggest lesson I took from this was making sure not to completely lean on the course materials and allow myself to gauge the course book compared to the student's interests and abilities, and make the necessary adjustments to provide a good structure to the lesson, incorporate a solid reference material, and keep students engaged and learning.