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There are various ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams.Common types of tests are: 1.Placement tests - Often called level test. Place students in a particular level of classes. 2.Diagnostic tests - Current strengths and weaknesses. Where they are currently. 3.Progress tests - Useful to the teacher, to review and make necessary adjustments too. 4.Practice tests - Practicing for external exams and are useful for revision purposes 5.Proficiency tests - General - Business - Academic testsUnit 4 covers the techniques of teaching vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The textbook clearly states what each of the aforementioned means, its uses, and the potential difficulties in teaching it. The unit also refreshed our memories on the different types of class formats, such as the Boomerang, Straight Arrow, and Patchwork. I personally enjoy Patchwork formats in the lessons that I sat through as a student. I find it more engaging and easier for one to absorb newly learnt materials as one revisits different study and activation phases.