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Unit 17 allowed me to see all of the various aids and tools that I can use in a classroom to make any lesson more fun and interesting. Some aids work better for certain stages of the lesson, such as worksheets for the Study phase. Visual aids are also very important for activities and analysis/correction, such as using a video camera or an interactive white board (IWB). When I teach my class, I will look to incorporate several different teaching aids so that the students do not lack interest and motivation, making the lessons fun and exciting!This unit is very important and interesting, Thr main concern of this Unit was building a rapport in the classroom.If you do not have a rapport within the classroom you will have a hard time geting respect from the students. Upon initiating the entry into class the first thing would be to do an icebreaking activities, ie introduction of themselves, each student activities home, prior english classes, etc, etc, Under classroom management, the teacher has to be the main one to have all under control. Do not allow to be buillied by the students.