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As the final unit, this was a nice unit to close with. It addressed many of the issues I have encountered as a English teacher, so it was nice to see some suggestions for handling such situations. It is also a bit therapeutic to see some of the issues that feel rare to be acknowledged. I frequently teach large classes of 30+ students so I look forward to implementing some of the suggestions as well as keeping in mind some of the difficulties the students have that I may neglect to consider at times.This unit covered the use of course books and materials, it covered the use of authentic materials in the celass and how is it important. Also it highlighted the use of created materials that can use in the class their advantage and disadvantage and some of created materials. It also mentioned using the wipe board, cassettes, CD and resource books in the class. i have benefited this unit when to use the authentic materials and when to use the created materials, and how i can modify the course books.