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This unit outlines the different methods and techniques that could be used in an ESL lesson. I found this unit very helpful as it contained specific and relevant examples of activities that could be used throughout any stage of the lesson. Some of the games/activities I was familiar with but others I had not heard of (such as fizz-buzz). The methods and techniques (ESA) will be helpful not only in my ESL classes but in classes where I teach Japanese as a second language (one of my teaching areas).I found this Unit the most challenging among those about the tenses since there's much more information and more shades of the language. I think this would be the hardest part for the students because it is easy to get confused with all these nuances. It's also a big challenge to understand that present can act as a future in some cases, this is not common for many languages. Again, I do believe that the work starts in the classroom and that is where you should deal with the problems that appear.