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I have learned that grammar is a very important part of speech. The fact that grammar's so difficult and that you have to understand the basic fundamentals of grammar to have proper speech and to form the proper sentences. I never knew how important grammar was. To know how to make grammar a part of your life and studies is a valuable asset and I would love to go deeper into the grammar side of English. I found this unit very helpful and I'll make sure my daughter also read through this unit it'll help her a lot as well.This unit gave me a crash course across the full spectrum of teaching pronunciation and speaking skills. I learned how to diagram intonations in speech that is used to express implications and meanings unknown through text. I learned how stress works and its importance to natural-sounding speech, and how each different sound in English is made using the mouth, lips, your breath, and more. I also became familiar with the IPA system, which will help me to work with students on the pronunciation of more difficult words.