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This unit provides some useful information on teaching aided equipment. There are many equipment available and inexpensive to help teacher more effective with preparing and delivering lessons. In the less developed countries, the teaching equipment maybe less available than in the developed ones. Depending on the situation and availability, teachers can choose equipment for teaching. Online materials are available and up to date. I prefer the IWBs over the whiteboard or chalkboard; copy papers should be limited use to save the environment.This unit is about Grammar;Conditionals and Reported Speech.The moment i saw conditionals the first thing that came to my mind was the song\"If i were a boy '' By Beyonce then i read about the five different types of conditionals which are ;zero conditional ,first conditional second conditional third conditional and mixed conditional,their forms usage with examples.I also learned about common errors and some teaching ideas.Present in this unit is the Reported Speech,how to use the Reported Speech and verb tenses when using the Reported Speech.