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In this unit we will look at these more specialized group this groups can be two or more categories . The term beginners tends to strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers.The absolute beginner, the false beginners, the adult beginner,the young beginner . teaching beginners also requires special skills and can also motivate a beginner by not over correct, praise and encourage etc . Teaching children can also be one of the most rewarding of all students classes to teach. Children possess an innate curiosity, which is in itself a motivation factors.In this unit I learned about the productive language features speaking and writing. It stated that many teachers prioritizes the other three features over writing saving writing for homework that at times don't get done. When it comes to the speaking part I learned that speaking can be divided into two different parts, accuracy and fluency. Accuracy fits the best in the study phase of a lesson where you can drill pronunciation and sentence structure while fluency fits better in the activate phase where you should wait with corrections so as not to ruin the flow of the students.