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Conditionals are also known as \"if \"sentence structures. They concentrate on particular events will only happen upon the occurrence of another event. Zero conditional is used to express facts and general truths. First conditional is used for real and possible situations. Second conditional is an expression for unreal and hypothetical situations. Third conditional are used to express past situations which didnt happen. Final, mixed conditional expresses hypothetical situations too. Reported speech used to show what people have saidUnit 15 covered the many types of testing and evaluation methods that may be used to track student progress. The unit explained the different types of tests, such as placement, diagnostic, or progress testing as well as what the purpose of each test is. Whether it be to gauge fluency level or retention of the students. Something that I have never heard of are the Cambridge tests. A test for literacy of English as a second language. It makes me curious to know what other countries have these sorts of external exams available as well.