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This unit covered the many uses of authentic coursework, created coursework, and course books. Authentic and created coursework are great materials to use in the classroom because you can manipulate the course work to better suit the student's ability and interests. Course books are more strict but the book provides a syllabus for the teacher. What I was most interested in in this unit was the disadvantages of using a course book and how Important it is to use different materials in the classroom.This unit was a bit challenging for me. It was difficult to understand which part of the different lesson phases would go first and which one woud go second. Questions from 10 to 15 were especially hard for me. I think there cant be a solid and fixed ored of activities when you are teaching in a classroom. Of course some of the activities must go after others, but not all of them should have the fixed order.Overall, I liked the chapter because it gave me more understanding on phases of the lesson.