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This unit was helpful in explaining how to properly set up a vocabulary lesson for students. I often find in my ESL classroom the students are very quick to memorize all the vocabulary but do not know how to use it correctly. Using the ESA function is a great way to set up a lesson to get the students to speak in class so they can properly learn the correct use of the vocabulary. I also feel that it is a good way for students to stay active by being engaged by activities.It is important to plan for a lesson. Studying and knowing the information you want to teach and what you want the student to learn. Using ESA format I can open the lesson up in a way that would engage the students, helping them to think about the lesson. The lesson plan gives me something to work from and get back on track. It is also a record for the next lesson or time that the lesson is taught again. It will give me pros and cons in the way the material was presented.