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This unit breaks down the productive skills: speaking and writing, and it was a good follow up to the previous unit about receptive skills. It gave some great examples of activities that can be used depending on whether you are trying to teach more accuracy-based or fluency-based, and did a great job of differentiating between the two. It also gave some great pointers on how to engage students to participate and why they may not do so, which I know will come up at some point in my teaching career.In reading this chapter I learned that not only is the attitude you have when teaching important but also the content. To help students more easily absorb information it is good to choose topics that they can relate to. It is also important to try and pre-teach some vocabulary that could be challenging without knowing it before doing certain readings. Also, it will help when teaching to have written versions of what you are teaching so students can follow along and see the words that they hear.