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This unit completes the discussion of the English grammatical system for this lesson. The unit covers modals, phrasal verbs, and active and passive voice. It is explained that in this course we are being taught the vast majority of grammatical issues that we are likely the face as EFL teachers, but that a more through course of the complete English grammar system would take several years. This was a good completion to an introductory course. The unit examines modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in detail. Then a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses is given.Teaching materials play an important part in teaching process. This unit is on the types of material that we can use in the class room. It gives the definition of teaching materials, their classification and consideration some of the factors important to the design of our own material. The unit is divided into three parts. In part one we look at the types of material. In part two look at the form and structure of a lesson plan and some of the ways we can obtain our materials, in both written and electronic form. In part three there is a webliography for sourcing the material.