TESOL Jobs Russia Nizhny Novgorod

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As it is my first time to teach adult students, I am doubtful whether if I am doing it right or not. After reading this unit, I realized that I am somehow on the right track, i.e., Patchwork ESA lesson. Same goes with my elementary and high school students. I have just been doing what the senior teachers are doing in terms of classroom activities. But with the ‘warmers’ listed in this unit, those are good variety of activities to choose from for my future classes. However, about the Grammar-Translation method of teaching, I kind of overdone that when I was still starting. Since I was also learning the Japanese language, I thought it would be best if I always translate the set phrases from English to Japanese. Whenever I do that, our conversation just ended up in Japanese. So I always keep in mind not to use Japanese that much during class.