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This chapter was about different methods teachers can use to have better teaching lessons. Different types of teaching method include Grammar Translation, Audio-Lingualism, Task Based Learning, and many other forms. It also talks about different stages of lessons that teachers can set up, in order to fully learn and use the language being taught. One form is ESA, which is Engage, Study and Activate. This form takes the lessons and puts it in a systematic way to teach, making it efficient to identify troubled areas and to focus on target areas.This unit covered common problem situations that an English teacher might encounter in a classroom and suggestions for how to deal with them. I've not had the experience of teaching in a classroom so I can't really visualize myself in those situations. Although this unit is useful, I think these situations are better experienced and learned from, rather than just reading about. That being said, using activities and warmers to create a rapport is useful when meeting the individual student for the first time and also for the reluctant student.