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Learning new words in the English language can be difficult. You need vocabulary as a foundation to build upon it for the language; along with grammar. This module talks about how to go about teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. Within each section, there is a method to follow to effectively teach the English language. This includes engaging the student, how to allow the students to study while activating what the student has learned to give them practical experiences.The video lesson 1 shows many mistakes of the teacher, such as being rude and clearly unhappy to see the students, not giving the explanation and forcing the student to perform the task (worksheets and creative work), being impatient with the students and not giving a chance to speak up. The video lesson number 2 is really good. The teacher's work is great. He is very outgoing, happy, making the classroom atmosphere positive. The students are enjoying the lesson and participating as much as they can.