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In Unit 5 I've learned that a teacher can utilize from as large as their classroom space to as small as their own body language in order to conduct a rapport in the classroom. In this unit, I was most impressed by seeing the pros and cons of individual and pair work. I have never considered TTT and STT when conducting my classroom. In this regard, the unit was helpful to clarify why having a clear and simple agenda may help to allow students the most opportunity with the time they have with their teacher.This unit goes over the fundamental parts of speech in a sentence. They are articles, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, and prepositions. Each category has more specific subcategories that affect the meaning of a sentence. Some modify each other (adjectives modify nouns, adverbs modify verbs and adjectives), and some connect each other (conjunctions connect groups of similar parts of speech). Each sentence must have a subject and a verb, but all of these elements may be present in a sentence.