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S.F. – U.S.A. said:
This unit focused on teaching the common parts of speech. For each category, (noun, verb, preposition, etc) the part of speech was defined and several examples of the correct usage were provided. Additionally, for many of the discussed components, a brief explanation of why language learners may find this part of speech difficult or confusing was given. I was happily surprised that I learned a lot from this unit. Although, I have been exposed to many of the parts of speech before, I have never really tried to understand why it is important to know where each word goes and why. As a future ESL, I know that this information will be useful when trying to teach grammar. By reading this unit, I became aware of how confusing learning grammar can be. As a native speaker, I do not always remember where to place words in a sentence based on the official rules. Instead, I simply write or say what sounds correct. However, a non-native speaker will not have this luxury and must put in the time and effort to learn the complex grammar that accompanies the English language. Being able to sympathize with learners will allow me to mindfully create lessons that are designed to make the learning process as painless and clear as possible.