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I've learned in Unit 15 the importance of evaluation and Testing in teaching career and also with the students.Different forms of test has a specific objectives.There is also proper sequence in giving test like you don't give diagnostic at the course end.Test also help the teacher to measure the learning of the students and focus on their weakest part of the lesson.For its not enough for a teacher to just deliver her/his lesson to class,the continuous evaluation will help the teacher if students really enderstand the lesson.This unit covered the past tenses. After reviewing the four present tenses, things seemed to come a little easier with the past ones, which felt more comfortable as I became more familiar with the rules and use of the terms. The activate and study activities will need to be concise and direct enough for students of all levels to follow. I believe that might be my biggest challenge, making sure that the rules will be absorbed and stay with the students, either through drilling exercises, memory games, story boards, or others.