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J. P. - Canada said:
Reading and Listening are the two receptive skills in any basic language. The reasons and motives that we need reading and listening can divide into two categories, (1)For a purpose, (2)For entertainment. There are few different specials skills needed for reading and listening successfully: (1)Prediction, (2)Scanning -for specific information, (3)Skimming -to understand the general idea, (4)Detailed information and (5)Deduction. Sometimes there are some potential problems may encounter in the lesson, such as students may not be at a sufficient skill level to understand story correctly or express their opinions of the story. And some shy students will not enjoy the class as much as others who are more outspoken. So the choice of topic is important because gaining interest will help the students learn as they will be more motivated, playing more attention and taking everything in. It would be hard to find a topic to please everyone but surely some would be far more suitable than others. Careful selection of texts and pre-teach vocabulary and grammar are also important.