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Just relying on how the order of words 'sound' in a sentence is not enough when it comes to teaching a student. We need to know how to explain it to students by breaking it down into 8 parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns, prepositions & conjunctions, adverbs, gerunds, and articles. For e.g. this unit explains how an -ing ending word such as' swimming' can be used both as a verb and gerund. Or the difference between possessive pronouns such as mine, ours, hers and possessive adjectives such as my, our and her.In Unit 12 methods for teaching productive skills are introduced. Productive skills in language learning are Speaking and Writing, as opposed to the Receptive skills of Reading and Listening. Both Speaking and Writing's main purpose is to communicate, with Speaking requiring a greater degree of fluency and Writing requiring a greater degree of accuracy. In an ESA format, the Study phase would usually be Accuracy activities focusing on Writing, and the Activate phase would usually be Fluency activities focusing on Speaking.