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These videos showed two examples of what a real-life class can be like, and the huge difference that a teacher's attitude and level of preparation can have on the students participation, confidence, and learning. By beginning the second lesson with an easy concept that all the students were familiar with, they were Engaged from the start. Even details as small as introducing oneself, smiling, and attempting to learn/use students names had an obvious effect on their level of enthusiasm in the second video.This topic is a first for me. Especially learning about ESA. This makes a lot more sense now that I have had a read through the chapter. It explains how teachers structure their lessons based on teaching their students as much English Speaking as possible. Now I can look back and say \"My past teachers have all done this, now that i think about it.\" Having a frame/layout definitely helps the class operate more smoothly, and gives the teacher a better understanding of what to include in the following class.