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IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHICH TEST YOU SHOULD BE GIVING TO STUDENTS. THE DIAGNOSTIC TEST IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT. THIS CAN HELP YOU ESTABLISH THE LEVEL OF FLUENCY, ABILITY, ETC OF YOUR STUDENTS. YOU DON'T WANT STUDENTS IN YOUR CLASS THAT ARE TOO ADVANCED FOR IT. THEY WILL GET BORED EASILY AND NOT LEARN MUCH. YOU ALSO DON'T WANT STUDENTS WHO DON'T HAVE A HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL FOR THAT COURSE. THEY MAY NOT PARTICIPATE AND BECOME OVERWHELMED WITH THE CLASS AND NOT LEARN MUCH EITHER. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ESTABLISH THEIR LEVEL AND PUT THEM IN THE CORRECT CLASS WITH THE CORRECT COURSEWORK.Unit 16 describes specific grammar aspects which are Conditionals and Reported Speech. The content of the materials was very informative and interesting. Rules of conditionals and the reported speech were described with many details and examples so the teachers can better understand their inner functions. The key of good explanation to the students is a well educated teacher, who understands everything throughout. Conditionals and reported speech are frequently used forms in everyday English, so students need to learn them properly to be able to speak and understand foreigners.