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I think what helped me most throughout this unit was thinking about how I learned all of this material in Spanish, and the similarities between the two languages. Since my ultimate goal is to teach English to native Spanish speakers, I am always thinking of the way the minds of my future students work in their maternal language. I also think about how I learned a second language and the difficulties I had understanding certain things, like direct to reported speech. All of this experience with language with help me to become a better teacher throughout my career.In this unit we focused on language skills that students need to learn and practice in the classroom, this time, speaking and writing. We looked at the importance of each skill, how to lesson might be structured and further the relevance of accuracy versus fluency within the context of a lesson. We also looked at what is important when it comes to individuals. How and when the teacher controls different aspects. I hope I have got the step by step of the study parts correct this time, as I am still struggling with the stages in which these are most effective!