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J.B. - Czech Republic said:
This unit showed how important the teacher's attitude towards the students is. In the first video, the teacher was very standoffish and mean towards his students, he tried convincing them that modal auxiliary verbs are easy and that anyone can do it, without explaining to them what modal auxiliary verbs are, or what the phrase means. When students seemed hesitant to participate, he didn't put forth the effort to make them more comfortable or confident in participating, and overall made the experience bad for his students. In the second video, he was open and friendly, he used gestures and pictures to help illicit words from his students, and he made the classroom environment warm and comfortable. This made the students more eager to participate and learn, which led to a better experience for them. This is important for me to remember, because my attitude and how warm I am towards my class will have a huge impact on how much my students will learn, how well they will learn, and overall wither or not they view the English language in a positive or negative light.