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This section in the module taught me that anyone can manage a class effectively, either being an introvert or an extrovert. There are many ways in effectively manage the class through eye contact, gesture, voice, grouping students in certain activities, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, giving instructions, and creating rapport. There was a lot of information to gather, and I think it will come with practice (hands on experience). Every classroom and student will be different, especially with the student's nationality as well as individual personality.I really learned a lot from the various types of learning. My wife and I recently were in classes to learn French, we were taught the grammar-translation method and to be honest the classes were boring. But after going over this lesson and learning about the ESA method I really wish I could go and learn French again with this method. I can really see the benefit of having games, stories, photos, and other things involved in the teaching method to help pull students out of their shells and be able to communicate what they have learned and to practice new concepts.