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It is important, as a teacher, to better understand proper teaching methods. This represents the action system of the guide and students as ways and modes to organize optimal educational and cognitive action towards established goals. Sometimes content and objectives are well selected and organized, but when it comes to determining the 'how to teach, educate and learning methods', the process becomes a challenge. Without having a comprehension of the process of teaching the task becomes into a difficult and complex element for the teacher and the student as well.When you start teaching first time to a class weather its a new class or already existed . We need to keep in mind different things because in new class students do not really know each other and are unfamiliar with the EFL course . With existing class students might be already familiar with the other students and EFL . So according to this we need to create a rapport between the students and teacher . You need to use different techniques like warmer, ball games , worksheets etc. I have also learned how to handle the reluctant students and high volume classroom .