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In this unit I learned about the functions of lesson planning. Lesson plans help to provide logical steps and keep the both the teacher and students focused. However, they must be simple and flexible to accommodate for changes in activities or exercises depending on the students' performance. They are also useful as a record in case another teacher has to substitute. Important items to include in a lesson plan are Learner Objectives, Personal Aims, Teaching Aids, Phase, Timing, etc... A good teacher will learn from previous lesson plans and modify accordingly for future classes.Classroom management is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of teaching. This unit covered all the nuances of classroom management in an extremely detailed manner. For instance, discipline and even classroom seating arrangements come to mind, but I hadn't considered the impact of eye contact and how important gestures can be in visually communicating to the class and even picking up the pace of a class. Having some knowledge of classroom management and few tools can greatly reduce the amount of stress a teacher may feel when entering the classroom on a first assignment.