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This unit has been very useful in providing examples and reasons why a balance of both vocabulary and grammar are important for language acquisition. Specifically, this unit expanded upon how I can appropriately choose vocabulary that will be relevant to the lesson, as well as the importance of explaining not only the meaning of new language, but also the way in which it is correctly used. Additionally, the application of the ESA method in its many forms in order to introduce grammatical structures, and teaching language functions.It has been a fun ride learning how English grammar works, and also only the beginning. The rules behind English grammar are never to be underestimated to any student as fluency is difficult to achieve and highly-expected for speaking and writing the language itself. I agree with the end of the lesson that type phrasal verbs need to be broken down thematically for students and while not so much about phrasal verbs were covered, the small segment opens up the door to research so that the material can be articulate for the classroom.