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Assessing productive skills consists of making sure that students can express what they want to and that they deliver the expression in such a way that it can be easily interpreted by another English speaker. The former can be practiced using fun games and scenarios, while the latter must often be taught using more conventional, sometimes unexciting methods. However, both fluency and accuracy are critical to a student's ability to communicate and teachers must be sure not to eschew accuracy in favor of fluency when preparing a class.I have learned all about phrasal verbs, relative clauses and passive voice. I have never known any of these grammar parts before so it was very refreshing to learn these new things. I do find the phrasal verbs a little complicated to differentiate but do find them ever as interesting. I believe that phrasal verbs are an important part of learning English and I will definitely make sure that the students understand the differences between them and understand that verbs can change their meanings with placed with an additional particle.