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This lesson was about how actual lessons happen in class. The same lesson was taught twice. The first lesson was really bad. The teacher taught the class as if he was teaching native English speakers, He generally didn`t show much interest in the students or their language development. The second lesson was lively and the teacher had a very positive attitude. He displayed a real interest in, not only the lesson, but the students as well. It was clear that the second lesson was the way a lesson should happen in class. It was fun, interesting, and the teacher was nice.Watching the two video teachings were extremely instructive. The first video made even me kind of nervous sometimes. In that video, we saw how a teacher shouldn't be teaching a class of EFL. From the methods and the behaviour of the teacher, I remembered some of my unfortunate learning experiences during my childhood, and I was in the end even more encouraged to be a better teacher than shown in the first video. The second video, showed us how as good a teacher should be; enthusiastic, eliciting gently, prompting, smiling and giving each student enough time to speak.