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A coursebook is a flexible tool,coursebooks have regarded by teachers as guide a necessary evil a helpful tool with teachers can use flexibly and combine with other resources in order to cater for the needs of particular classes. Lesson material are primarily a medium for delivery of content,the teacher reiterates and builds on the content curriculum is defined by the content of the textbooks the teachers job is to teach the textbooks. Textbooks serve as the primary instructional materials,materials are the resources a teacher uses to delivers instruction .This unit I feel that I have learnt the different teacher?s roles than can be adopted such as: Instructor, Facilitator, Mentor, Psychologist, Counsellor and Policeman. I have also learnt and understood the various categories of learners. Moreover I have understood the advantages of adult students and they are more likely to be more mature and so less likely to a have behavior problems. They are more motivated and have greater attention spans. I have also learnt about the different skills needed to be taught such as listening, reading, speaking and writing.