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M.D. – U.S.A. said:
I have never made a lesson plan before so this unit gives an example of how to create one. Lesson plans help keep a teacher on track as well as assist substitutes if the teacher cannot make it in. The lesson plan will tell the substitute what the class may have already completed and what comes next in the lesson. The lesson plan will also remind the teacher and let the substitute know what materials may be needed for an item ahead of class. If the teacher can anticipate a problem, he or she can also come up with a way to resolve the problem that can help the teacher or substitute when the problem arises. Even though lesson plans tell what the teacher would like to cover, it doesn't have to be strictly followed. It needs to be flexible so the students can better keep up with what is being taught. Some parts of the lesson such as a game will go smoother because students are interested and other parts such as spelling may take longer because the isn't as excited. Lesson plans are important to keep students and teachers on track.